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Welcome to my blog. Here I will attempt to give the story of each painting I created and what fueled my imagination for each piece. 

Benson Lake online image.jpg

Benson Lake

I currently reside in Portland, Oregon. My wife and I visited Benson lake for the first time in summer of 2021. When we arrived I couldn't help but notice the serene beauty of the park. I walked around with my cell phone and captured what felt like the perfect scene. I also ventured to the other side of Benson which is Hartman Pond. There I noticed a distant waterfall high in the cliffs next to the pond. This painting is a combination of a photo I took at Benson and the waterfall I saw at the pond. I then did some sketches to recreate the scene from my head. This painting was in between castle paintings and I wanted to do something different. I used vibrant colors to bring out a realistic summer scene.

Forgotten Strongholds online image.jpg

Forgotten Strongholds

Forgotten Strongholds is a massive painting that I thoroughly enjoyed painting. The entire process was a thrill. What started out as a fantasy truly came to life in this painting. I started with making quick sketches of a castle in a forest.Then I envisioned a fantasy castle that had survived wars and bandits and was slowing being reclaimed by nature. There is a tower on the left side that was probably used by the inhabitants as a lookout tower. A dirt road connects the tower to the castle keep with a forgotten chest as old as the castle itself.

Forgotten Strongholds online image.jpg